Price: ₹1,999 - ₹1,299.00
(as of Apr 03,2023 10:46:02 UTC – Details)

Ergonomic Handle: The Knife features a nylon resin handle which is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hands. Its ergonomic design allows you to chop and dice with ease.
Accurate Pairing: This knife is well suited to slice vegetables and fruits. It is also capable of paring skins very finely. The pointed tip can remove potato eyes easily
Razor Sharp Blades: The knife features a razor-sharp blade for precision cutting. Its blade is made to give refined slices while cutting. The knife does not remove any nutrients while chopping vegetables or meat
This is a professional knife sharpener preferred by chefs. Easy to use by pulling the knife through each slot a few times to achieve a razor-sharp new blade. Suitable for all Stainless Steel Knives (not For Use on Serrated Knives). It is Magnetic Base and Can Be Stick To Fridge Doors for Easy Reach & Storage. It is Carrot Shape as well as Cute & Fun For The Kitchen.