Price: ₹699 - ₹229.00
(as of Apr 01,2023 18:11:47 UTC – Details)

In bathrooms, kitchens etc. Suitable for use. Multi-functional roll paper towel holder for placing product. Can be used repeatedly, carrying capacity. No nails and no drill. It is recommended that this object MPA does not exceed 3 kg, which will prolong its service life. Self-adhesive, does not damage the wall surface, waterproof and moisture proof, not easy to fall. Only sticky rack, other accessories in the picture are not included in the demo.
Paper towels stand can stick under cabinet or stick on smooth wall. No need to drill holes in cabinet or smooth walls. Install vertically or horizontally in your kitchen, pantry, craft room, grocery room and more.
Clean, dry and smooth wall surfaces such as ceramic tiles, marble stone, metal, glass etc. Make sure to clean and dry the wall surfaces before installation. Not recommended for painted, wallpaper or uneven surfaces.
A short pin at the end of the arm prevents paper roll from slipping off. It is very easy to extract paper towels. All stainless steel constructions, ensuring long service life. No sharp edges, SAFE for kids to use!
Self-adhesive, does not damage the wall surface not easy to fall. This is a kind of high-tech, has a strong adhesiveness, apply a variety of environment, if it is a flat surface, you can be at ease use, don’t worry will drop.