Price: ₹250 - ₹150.00
(as of Mar 29,2023 22:22:14 UTC – Details)

How to use
No Artificial Ingredients : Most Brand use artificial colours, and extra salt to make their seasoning have more taste. Carpe Victus Tandoori Tikka Masala has no artificial colours or preservatives and no useless salt! It is also produced using Cyrogenic grinding, so that the product retains its original taste and flavour
Flavour : Make Any Food Tasty – Use as French Fries Masala, Smileys frozen food, Mccain Aloo Tikki, Frozen Food Products. Either use it in cooking or as a ready made sprinkler on top of the food or as popcorn masala once it is ready
Directions : Use in Mccain French Fries, Yummiez Frozen Food, Nuggets Frozen Food, As a Stir Fry Masala, As a Rice Seasoning, all these taste MUCH better with Carpe Victus Tandoori Masala
Foodie Gift – Especially for those who love biryani! Tandoori powder goes extremely well with paneer, kadai paneer, any kind of sabji masala, biryani masala It can make any food tastier, just like maggie masala powder
20 Bite Trial – In case you have had 20 bites of a food with Tandoori Masala, like adding as as a Biryani Seasoning or a popcorn masala powder, and still don’t like it, get in touch with us and we will replace this with something that suits you better or get back your investment