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The Ultimate Portable ScrewdriverThe Ultimate Portable Screwdriver

Lightweight and Extremely PortableLightweight and Extremely Portable Lightweight and Extremely Portable

The product is engineered for accuracy and comes with 4 bits of universal type screws.

Large 4-way screw head
Small 4-way screw head
Large 2-way screw head
Small 2-way screw head

The Ultimate Cordless Screwdriver

A Name You Can Trust

Over the past century, BLACK+DECKER has become a household name, famous for high quality and innovative products.

The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Screwdriver has a Li-ion battery and is manufactured with absolute precision and brilliant engineering. The product has an automated function with intelligent features such as an E-clutch and a Torque Control System. It is designed to be precise in compact and darks spaces and has an LED light for absolute accuracy.

 Easy to Operate Easy to Operate

 Automated Power Automated Power

 Efficient to Use Efficient to Use

Easy to Operate

The intelligent features and automated functions in this driver, makes it very easy to operate. This driver controls the torque and stops operating automatically once done. It helps anybody screw with complete ease and precision.

Automated Power

The Torque Detecting System within this equipment controls the power and automatically stops when the screw is tightened. The screwdriver does not slip and scratch the surroundings. Its torque ranges from 2.5 Nm to 5 Nm.

Efficient to Use

The 4V Li ion battery charges within 1.5 hours and can be charged with a mobile charger or laptop. It is extremely compact and comes in a hard-plastic box which holds the bits and charging cable.

Push and Start : No need of an on/off switch. It easily activates with the push of your hand Includes: 1 Wall Charger, 4X 50mm Longer Screw Bits
Hard Torque – 5Nm and Soft Torque – 2.5Nm. Torque Detecting System (TDS): It stops automatically to avoid screw slippage and material damage
Comes with LED light which allows the user to work in confined dark spaces. It has forward and Reverse function. Also includes a unique wire stripper
Has Magnetic bit to avoid screw drop. Can be easily charged using phone charger or laptop.It will be fully charged in 1.5 hours